Grease Monkeys||Codie&Principal Cardenas

Codie had just gotten his pass from Mr Wayans-his ‘get out of class free’ card as the guys in shop liked to call it. He was allowed to skip some classes, as long as he was working on a car or with Mr Wayans. He stopped short as he was about to turn into the door that led to the garage,   when he stopped and remembered what he was working on. Cardenays’ car. Her vintage car. He gulped a little. It wasn’t that he wasn’t confident in his ability in fixing it-hell no. He could fix a radio in his sleep. The thought of having her watching him like a hawk as he did it was a little worrying though. He grabbed her keys out of the bowl by the door and walked slowly down to her office, and knocked on the door quietly, entering with a deep breath as she called him in

“Uh, Principal Cardenas-I’m gonna’ take your car up to shop class now if you…er…are coming. Did you think about what you wanted me to do…just the radio or actually…y’know take a look at it?”

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